Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun and Funky Grant

Who knew the traditional U.S. Grant could be so transformed with a rainbow of colors and such funk design elements. 2009 Bride of the year definitely goes to the Mrs. Leah McClure for trusting her vision to be executed by us and letting us have so much fun with her! The most awesomely funky work of the summer! (of course . . . giving credit to coordinator Victoria Schroeder, Keith Cepus for amazing photos and Tim Altbaum for awesome tunes!)


1 comment:

  1. LEIGH!!! I didn't see this until today?! shame on me, I should be aware whenever ANYONE attaches the terms "fun, funky and bride of the year" to my name! I've always had complete faith in your ability to exude my vision, and will be eternally grateful for Victoria sending you my way. You have honed your gift sweet girl, everyone should know that your talent includes your ability to "hear" a bride, not just listen, but to hear them. I can not imagine working with any other person floral extraordinaire, for lack of a better term, your are the bomb :)